How to sell your embroidery, printing, graphic designs, etc. on Hayani Design | The best selling platform for embroidery design in the world

if you want to know How to sell your embroidery designs on, you can read this article. you can see here step by step process of upload and sell your design on Hayani Designs

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1.How to register as a vender(seller)

انتقل إلى  حتى تتمكن من رؤية الصفحة أدناه

click on Become Seller In the Menu.

  1. chose your username
  2. enter email id
  3. check your email id and you received OTP copy and past in the Verification code field ( some time it’s tacks time 10-20 minutes, and email drop in your spam box so please check your email spam box)
  4. enter the first name
  5. enter the last name like surname
  6. Enter store name (store name is your favorite name for your store that is also your URL )
  7. choose your password
  8. re-enter your password in Confirm Password field

After fill all the field press REISTER button. 

We will put short and easy videos explaining them in simple and useful steps for you in multiple languages

part#1- Become Seller On Hayani Designs

part#2- Store setup , Become Seller On Hayani Designs

part#3 Published in Hayani Designs

Here is a detailed article that explains step by step all the details to become a professional seller in Hayani Designs

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